Nine Lives Down

Nine Lives Down is the latest album from Mondo Mike and the Po Boys with Spice, (now Spice and the Po Boys) released October 22, 2013 on Aardvark Records.

With strong lyrics and a musical texture so viscous and powerful, you can be lifted up or brought to your knees. “One Shot” and “I’m Your Fool” have created strong anticipation for this well-crafted CD.

“Spice and the Po Boys deliver a mix of R&B, Blues-Rock and Pop tunes on Nine Lives Down that is natural and authentic as an old vinyl LP record. Brittany Wescott a.k.a. Spice, whose finely-tuned voice can turn a note inside out, brings an ‘an unforced emotional intensity’ that is perfect for these well-crafted tunes that talk about love gone bad, personal struggles and redemption. Appropriate themes for a singer whose gospel roots constantly crack through the surface of these songs.”    – Aardvark Records

“Like the famous New Orleans sandwich its name references, Spice & the Po Boys … create a soulful blues-rock chocked with pithy lyrics that fathom the hoary questions of love and life. Vocalist Brittany Wescott can not only belt it but turn a note inside out.”    – Buzz Magazine

“Lead singer, Brittany Wescott (Spice) easily could be typecast as an Aretha Franklin acolyte, but she is more than that. On stage her strong yet nimble voice is balanced by a disarming and winsome persona that reveal her gospel roots. Drummer Sam Rodriguez is old school Chicago blues who is steady as a metronome yet can funk it up with New Orleans style syncopated rhythms as well as Ziggy Modeliste.”    – Arbus Magazine