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Now Available on Pandora

Spice and the Po Boys “Nine Lives Down” (released under Mondo Mike and the Po Boys) is now available on Pandora’s Music Genome Project. Pandora is the leader in internet radio.

Soul To Soul

Soul to Soul

Spice and the Po Boys new four song EP, Soul to Soul, includes the title track Soul To Soul, Mugged, Let Me Hold a Little Something, and Beans and Rice. Take a listen to the news songs here.

Beans and Rice

Let Me Hold A Little Something

Mugged on the Corner of Love

Soul to Soul

Nine Lives Down

Nine Lives Down

“Spice and the Po Boys deliver a mix of R&B, Blues-Rock and Pop tunes on Nine Lives Down that are natural and authentic as an old vinyl LP record. Brittany Wescott a.k.a. Spice, whose finely-tuned voice can turn a note inside out, brings an “an unforced emotional intensity” that is perfect for these well-crafted tunes that talk about love gone bad, personal struggles and redemption. Appropriate themes for a singer whose gospel roots constantly crack through the surface of these songs.” — Aardvark Records

One Shot


Black and White

Canopy of Love

"Powerful and sublime, soulful and melodious ... a singer's singer." –Folio Weekly

Meet the Band


Spice 13

Brittany Wescott a.k.a “Spice”

me drummin' edited

Robbie Knopf


javian francis

Javian Francis


Mike Bernos

Mike Bernos

Vocals / Lead Guitarist


Rodrick McGriff

Bass Guitarist

Hemming Plaza Beer Garden

THU • Sept.03, 2015
 5:00 p.m.
Hemming Plaza
Jacksonville, FL

The Parlour

SAT • Sept. 25, 2015
 9:00 p.m.
The Parlour
Jacksonville, FL

Clean Water Festival, September 26, Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

Spice and the Po Boys make their second appearance at one of the year’s most significant local charity event, the Clean Water Festival hosted by Flagship Romance, along with and all-star line-up.

River Ruckus

SAT. August 29, 1-3:30 pm

Spice and the Po Boys celebrate one of “Year of the River” big events, River Ruckus, at the Riverside Arts Market.

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